MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM participate in APRC Rally Hokkaido.

rrceMINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM established in 2015. BMW MINI John Cooper Works Countryman (Japanese commercial name: MINI John Cooper Works CROSSOVER) took part in JN5 class of Japanese Rally Championship (JRC). She has 1.6L turbo engine and 4WD system. Both were very strong advantage for JN5 class. But the regulation has been suddenly changed. This year the car with 1.6L turbo engine and 4WD has to be changed into JN6 class from JN5 class. She has to compete with SUBARU WRX and MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO X. Regrettably she has no advantage in JRC.

CLASS 2015 2016
JN6 Over 3,000cc, 4WD
RN and RJ
Over 2,500cc, 4WD
RN and RJ
JN5 Over 1,500cc up to 3,000cc
RN and RJ
RR is no limited engine capacity
Over 2,500cc, 2WD only
RJ and RN
RR is no limited engine capacity
JN4 Over 1,400cc up to 2,000cc
2WD only
Over 1,500cc up to 2,500cc
RN and RJ
JN3 Over 1,400cc up to 1,500cc
RN and RJ
Over 1,500cc, 2WD only
RN and RJ
JN2 Up to 1,600cc, 2WD only
Over 1,600cc up to 2,000cc
2WD only
JN1 Up to 1,400cc
RN and RJ
AE is no limited displacement
Up to 1,600cc
AE is no limited displacement

RN: FIA Group N homologated
RJ: JAF (Japanese ASN) homologated only. Modification is similar to Group N
RR: FIA Group R2 and R3 homologated
RPN: JAF homologated only. Modification is very limited.
AE: Electric vehicle or Hybrid car

mini-2She is very cute and glamorous. There are a lot of her fans. It was impossible to retire from Japanese rally fields so fast. Then she went to the new stage. MINI PREMIUM RENTAL RALLY CAR EXPERIENCE started for her. By this program, MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM can lend to the applicant with the total full rally package, i.e. car maintenance, service during rally , logistic, catering and accommodation. Her new program is supported by RECARO Japan, DUNLOP TYRE, Verity Oil and other companies. Her present coloring is RECARO black and white color.
In Rally Hokkaido 2016, Mr. Koji Miyamoto will drive her by MINI PREMIUM RENTAL RALLY CAR EXPERIENCE. He is a gentleman rally driver. But he had blank 8 years from his last rally. So he drove her in JRC 3rd Wakasa Rally as 00 car driver. He enjoyed rally driving after a long interval. And he decided to entry Rally Hokkaido with MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM.
BMW MINI John Cooper Works Countryman has no homologation of FIA Group N. So she has to run as JAF (Japanese ASN) RJ car in APRC Rally Hokkaido. JAF RJ car regulation is similar to Group N. But some important modifications are necessary if JAF RJ car runs as APRC. Now she is under modification.

Machine specification


  • BMW MINI John Cooper Works Countryman R60
  • Constructed by CUSCO Japan in 2015
  • Engine: 1.6L with turbo charger 218ps/300Nm
  • Gearbox: STD 6MT
  • Wheel side: RHD
  • Suspension: CUSCO for gravel
  • Brakes: Front ENDELESS, Rear STD
  • Seats: RECARO
  • Tire: DUNLOP
  • Oil and Chemical: Verity Oil
Driver profile


Koji Miyamoto, 50 years old, Japanese
He lives in Tokyo. He manages three companies. The main company is the construction equipment sales and service. It has the top technology and quality control in the world. At the Great East Japan Earthquake, the company staff and Mr. Miyamoto went to Fukushima for the rescue as volunteers. After their voluntary activity, their branch office has opened in Fukushima. Now one of their business is to repair the damage wrought by Fukushima disaster.
Two other companies are trading companies. Their main business are to import and sell Georgian and Italian wines. So he often visits to foreign countries on his business.
He has a lot of interests, Classic car driving, motorcycles, a variety of motor sports spectating and dinghy sailing. Since 2000 he had supported many rally teams as a team manager or a mechanic. And also he has been a good rally driver too.

  • 2007 Thailand National Rally Championship: 4th place
  • 2008 WRC Rally Japan: Total 39th, N4 21th by SUBARU IMPREZA GDB

After that his rally career has stopped until this January. When he was watching WRC Monte Carlo at the Turini in January, he remembered a passion for rally in himself. So he contacted to MINI PREMIUM RENTAL RALLY CAR EXPERIENCE as soon as he heard this program.

Miyamoto’s comments
I’m looking forward to participating in Rally Hokkaido with MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM. Although away from Rally for 8 years, I can drive and enjoy Rally Hokkaido fully. Especially I’m looking forward to the gravel roads with MINI John Cooper Works Countryman rally car.
exclubI also belong to the EXPLORERS CLUB ( This club has two big principles. First is “Enjoy a marvelous adventure in your life.” Second is “Let’s find and share the serendipity which you have not ever found by yourself.” Some members of the CLUB will come to Obihiro to cheer for me. I want to enjoy the rally together with them too.

Co-driver profile


Hisatsugu Okumura, 39 years old, Japanese
He lives in China Taipei.
His co-driver rally debut was in 1997. That time he was a college student.
In 1998, he stepped up to Japanese Rally Championship (JRC). And he took 6th place of JRC 4WD B class by MITSUBISHI MIRAGE.
In 2004, he combined with Osamu Fukunaga who is one of JRC regular seasoned drivers. This combination took part in Rally Japan 2004. After they have participated in all of WRC Japan rounds.

  • 2004 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII 17th, N4 14th
  • 2005 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII Mechanical trouble
  • 2006 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII 16th, N4 7th
  • 2007 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO IX 22th, N4 13th
  • 2010 SUZUKI SWIFT SPORTS Engine trouble

He also took part in APRC RALLY CHINE LONGYOU in 2009 by MITSUBISHI LANCER. The result was retired.
This combination has been a regular crews in JRC from 2004 to 2014. In 2008 he took the championship of JRC JN2 class by DAIHATSU BOON X4. Also Mr. Okumura managed HASE PRO RALLY TEAM from 2008 to 2010.
In 2014 he moved in China Taipei by the reason of his business. He paused his rally career. MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM requested him to be a co-driver for Mr, Miyamoto. He comes back to rally in two years.

Okumura’s comments
I have 7 times taken part in Rally Hokkaido as JRC. APRC Rally Hokkaido is the first time for me. But I’m familiar with this area rallies by Rally Hokkaido and Rally Japan. It’s like my home ground event.
I can support Mr. Miyamoto for sure. Our target is complete finish without big trouble. I want to reach a finish podium with Mr. Miyamoto and MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM.
I appreciate having the opportunity to MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM.

Chief mechanic

There is another famous person in MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM.

Koji Kunimatsu, 41 years old, Japanese
He lives in Osaka.
He manages Auto-Labo (, a car tuning and maintenance company. They can construct race cars. This year they constructed the first MAZDA Roadstar race car for Japanese popular endurance race (Super-Taikyu).
kunimatsu-2He is also a professional circuit mechanic. Japanese GT championship, Lamborghini race championship and many other circuit races are his territory. Most recently he appears in a popular magazine as a famous professional mechanic. Additionally he also can be a rally mechanic. Since 2013, he sometimes came to JRC as a rally mechanic.

This time MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM requested Mr. Kunimatsu to be a chief mechanic in Rally Hokkaido. It’s the first time for him to be a chief mechanic in rally. MINI CROSSOVER RALLY TEAM promised that he would be also a good chief rally mechanic.


  • Driver: Koji Miyamoto
  • Co-Driver: Hisatsugu Okumura
  • Chief Mechanic: Koji Kunimatsu
  • Mechanic: Atsuya Nakatani
  • Mechanic: Hiroki Segami
  • Team Manager: Takumi Takahashi
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Written by Takumi Takahashis